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Download: Fulton Recovery by Moerderhoschi

Fulton Recovery is a mod, created by Moerderhoschi for Arma III, to enable a fulton recovery like in MGSV for units and vehicles.

Example video:

How the addon works?
1. At missionstart sleep 3 seconds and Check all units/vehicles if anybody has the special variable assigned mdhFulton
2a. if variable not assigned, add fulton actionmenu entry to all units/vehicles
2b. if variable is assigned, add fulton actionmenu entry only to units with assigned variable
3. sleep 5 seconds and start check from beginning

What happens to the fulton recovered unit/vehicle
the unit/vehicle gets lifted to 4.000 meter and then deleted

How to use it:
Variant A: only load the addon and play -> all units/vehicles have fulton action
Variant B: set the special variable ( this setVariable [ "mdhFulton" , ["actionTitle"] ] ) to any unit/vehicle -> specific units will have fulton action

To activate Fulton Recovery to some specific units only, put the following into the initfield of the units:

this setVariable [ "mdhFulton" , [] ]
this setVariable [ "mdhFulton" , ["actionTitle"] ]
this setVariable [ "mdhFulton" , ["actionTitle",5] ]
this setVariable [ "mdhFulton" , ["actionTitle",5,"setThisVarTrueWhenFulton"] ]

- Attach Fulton Recovery device to units and vehicles
- ability to enable Fulton Recovery only for specific units
- now MP-compatible
- added parachute to other players which get fulton recovered

Known issues
- dead units don’t get correct attached to the parachute, i think it’s an engine related problem

Credits and Thanks:
Robert Edison Fulton, Jr. for the developement of Fulton system
Hideo Kojima – for the great idea to use the fulton recovery in MGSV
Armed-Assault.de Crew – For many great ArmA moments in many years
BIS – For ArmA3

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