CO12 OP Streetsweeper 2

CO12 OP Streetsweeper 2

Download: CO12 OP Streetsweeper 2


Name: CO12 OP Streetsweeper 2

Needed Content: Operation Arrowhead

Island: Takistan

Daytime: adjustable

Type: Coop

Playerside: West

Respawn: Norrins Revive

Variable amount of enemies depending on the number of players on the server
ACE compatible. If ACE is activated ACE modules are enabled and ACE weapons & euipment are available in Ammobox


Operation Streetsweeper 2 is a cooperative multiplayer mission in which it comes to multiple mission objectives to meet along a road


*added: New Missionparameter for AI Skill
*fixed: x-settings not available for JIP players
*fixed: Markers didn’t changed color to green for JIP players
*fixed: No satchels in ammobox at start when playing without ACE
*removed: 4 Radiotriggers without function (was for debugging only)
*changed: SPG9 Jeeps replaced with M2 Jeeps and Trucks with inf

*Markershifting with JIP fixed.
*Revive Option “no revive” fixed, now it should work correct.
*Respawn at not completed missiontasks fixed.


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