Stratis Deathmatch Bundle


Download: Stratis DM Bundle v1.4


Name: Stratis DM Bundle

    Missions in Bundle:

  • DM20 WetGrave by burns
  • DM20 Stratis DM Bundle – with Missionsparameter choosable Locations:
    • Agia Marina
    • Agios Cephas
    • AirStation Mike 26
    • Camp Maxwell
    • Camp Rogain
    • Camp Tempest
    • Forrest
    • Girna
    • Kamino
    • Kamino Bay
    • Kamino Firing Range
    • Military Range
    • Old Outpost
    • Stratis Air Base 1
    • Stratis Air Base 2

Needed Content: ArmA 3 Alpha

Island: Stratis

Daytime: Noon

Type: Deathmatch

Playerside: Civilian (enemies)

Respawn: BASE

Many Missionparameters like: Location / Daytime / Weapons / Anticamp……
Psychobastard’s Anticampscript
Psychobastard’s Statusbarscript


Deathmatch Mission with chooseable location in Missionparameters. Suported different Addon Weapons like GvsE Chrisitan MP7 Port / Robert Hammer Pistol Pack / R3F Weaponpack. Many setup options trough Parameters, so you can set up the Deatchmatch experience you want. All Addonweapon Packages are optional an chooseable with the parameters.


update v1.4:

  • Classnamefix after Betaupdate
  • All Previous Missions packed in one Package (Location now chooseable trough Missionparameters)
  • GvsE’s Christian MP7 Pack added (chooseable trough Missionparameters)
  • Robert Hammer Pistol Pack added (chooseable trough Missionparameters)
  • R3f Weapon Pack added (chooseable trough Missionparameters)
  • New Location added: Agios Cephas
  • New Location added: Camp Tempest
  • New Location added: Forrest
  • New Location added: Kamino
  • New Location added: Kamino Bay
  • New Location added: Old Outpost
  • New Parameter: Location
  • New Parameter: Launcher fun mode (unlimited ammo and autoreload for launchers)
  • New Parameter: Respawnprotection time
  • New Parameter: GVSE’s Christian1987 MP7
  • New Parameter: Robert Hammer Pistol Pack
  • New Parameter: R3F Weapon Pack
  • New Parameter: No Vanilla Weapons
  • Weapons Parameter enhanced: Launchers Only / no launchers
  • Added checkroutines to ensure that the player always get a weapon and ammo (maybe BIS do change the classnames again^^)
  • Added New Mission by burns @ (DM20 WetGrave) to the Bundle

update v1.3:

  • Classname changes of beta update fixed
  • new beta weapons added to the missions
  • enhanced parameter for weapons (added more options)

update v1.2:

  • Nigthvison mode saved after respawn
  • New Parameter: Daytime: Dark Night with Fog
  • New Parameter: Fog density
  • New Parameter: Fireplaces&Chemlights for Nighttime
  • New Parameter: Front Weaponattachment
  • New Parameter: Tracers
  • New Parameter: Silencers
  • New Parameter: Show Infodisplay
  • New Parameter: Hatmadness (Kiroy&Craig)

update v1.1:

  • fixed bugs which came into the mission since the last ArmA3 Alpha Update
  • New Parameter: AntiCampScript (activate/deactivate)
  • New Parameter: AntiCampScript Time (time until camping will be punished)
  • New Parameter: Daytime (Day, Night, Night with full Moon)
  • New Parameter: NightVisionGoggles
  • Added Fireplaces and Chemligths for atmosphere


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