CTF40 Chardarakht

CTF40 Chardarakht

Download: CTF40 Chardarakht


Name: [ctf40] Chardarakht

Version: 1.3

Needed Content: Operation Arrowhead

Type: CTF

Playersite: West/East ( US Special Forces/Insurgents )


[Ctf40] Chardarakht is a Capture the Flag map that takes place in Chardarakht. There were no buildings added and it’s a simple CTF.


*Fixed Weathersynchronicity with Server.
*Parameter Anticamperscript added.
*Parameter AllowedcampTime added.
*Weaponselection changed.

*Deathzone revised
*SmokeShells added
*Parameter Daytime added
*Parameter Weather added
*Parameter Viewdistance added
*Parameter Nightvisiongoggles added
*Parameter Intro added

*Number of players raised to 40
*Scores now matched after JIP
*H5N1 Statusbar also visible after JIP
*Fault with magazines after Respawn fixed
*Pointsystem changed (Flagtouchpoints&Flagcapturepoints)


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