CUP Compositions


Download: CUP Compositions by Moerderhoschi

Separate download of the custom Compositions for the use without the need of this mod: mdhCUPcompositions.7z

CUP Compositions is a mod, created by Moerderhoschi, to add the original ArmA II ObjectCompositions to ArmA III so that they can be used in connection with CUP Mod.

- CUP Terrains Core
- CUP Terrains Maps
- CUP Vehicles
- CUP Weapons

- Add all ArmA II Objectcompositions to ArmA III Compositions, you can find them under “CUP Compositions”

Additional Files
- mdhCUPcompositions.7z -> CustomCompositions for the Compositions folder, so you can use the CUP Compositions without the need of loading this mod. Extract them to C:\Users\YourUser\Documents\Arma 3\compositions

Credits and Thanks:
CUP-Team – for porting the ArmA II content to ArmA III Crew – For many great ArmA moments in many years
BIS – For ArmA3

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